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About Midtown Software

Midtown Software incorporated in early 2011, but our story begins much earlier. Our founder and lead developer, Linda Carpenter, has always had a passion for computer programming. She graduated in 1983 from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Computer Science and spent 28 years with the State of Arkansas, Department of Finance and Administration working her way from programmer trainee and systems analyst to managing the Application Development Section.

In March of 1985 Linda and her husband, Andy Carpenter (local CPA and Midtown Software CFO), were blessed with the addition of a beautiful daughter named Kelley who was born with Down syndrome. Throughout Kelley's life, Linda and Andy have been very active in community services that support and assist people with needs. The searches for support led them to Independent Case Management Inc., a nonprofit organization in Little Rock, Arkansas that provides services to Kelley through the Arkansas Medicaid Waiver Program. Shortly after the Carpenters became involved at ICM they saw firsthand all the issues with keeping track of the Medicaid Waiver processes. ICM approached Linda and asked if she could develop a custom billing and reporting application that would take the headaches out of processing and collecting payments.

Linda spent more than a year developing and testing that first version of the program with the help and requirements of ICM. The final outcome signified a leap forward in Medicaid Billing--- Aperture Medicaid Management Software. Aperture has been up and running for the last three and a half years with phenomenal results. "Aperture managed the waiver process so effectively, I knew we had a great product that would help other organizations tremendously," says Linda. "The hardest part was trying to figure out how to service additional customers while maintaining my full time job. It was just not going to be possible until I could dedicate my full abilities to servicing the customer's needs."

In April of 2011, Linda decided to begin working full time on Midtown Software and its release of Aperture Medicaid Management Software. She teamed up with her nephew, Nathan Sammons (Midtown Software Director of Sales), to form Midtown Software Inc. Nathan has over a decade of sales and customer service experience he is putting to use with the new company. "Customer support should be the main focus in any industry," says Nathan. "That is my primary role at Midtown Software with our first product, Aperture Medicaid Management Software, and I am dedicated to providing our customers with unmatched customer service."